How do I register for locum work?

Please ring or email us to discuss what is involved when you register to undertake locum work. We can determine whether you are eligible to apply as a career locum or if you will have secondary employment restrictions requiring you to obtain special written permission from your employing hospital/Local Health District.

When am I eligible to become a locum?

In order to be eligible to become a locum you must be a minimum of PGY3. You are required to have unconditional medical registration with AHPRA and be an Australian Citizen or have unrestricted working rights in Australia.

International Medical Graduates

If you have trained overseas you may still be eligible to undertake locum work in Australia provided you hold an appropriate work visa and have current general AHPRA registration as a medical practitioner in Australia. For further details please contact  AHPRA.

I have conditions on my registration, am I still able to locum?

It is a condition of your registration with Active Locums Pty Ltd that you disclose any specific conditions you may have on your registration which may affect your ability to work. If you have conditions imposed on your registration, please be assured we review on a case by case basis. For doctors whose qualifications require them to work in a specific field of practice (i.e. General Practitioner or Specialist), there will be no problems associated with your registration with Active Locums.

What sort of paperwork will I need to complete?

For hospital doctors wanting to work for NSW Ministry of Health there is a standard requirement in place with regard to the paperwork required as per NSW Ministry of Health Policy Directive. You can download an application package from our website.

RMO/CMO Package

There are also requirements for RMOs, registrars, and CMO locums to undertake online training for e-orientation (eMO) which encompasses NSW Health code of conduct training, electronic medical record training (eMR) and Detect Between the Flags online training. We can assist you with this process.

For GPs and other specialist doctors, we have separate application packages in pdf format which you can download and print. If there is anything you don’t understand, please feel free to ask and we will do our best to explain it.

RMO/CMO Package

GP Package

VMO Package

Why is it compulsory to obtain a Working With Children Check and a National Police Check?

Under NSW Ministry of Health Policy Guidelines it is mandatory for any doctors considering locum work to have successfully completed and have clearances for both Working with Children Check and National Criminal Record Check.

Working with Children Checks.

Click here

Here you can provide your details and obtain an application verification number. Please go to your local ServiceNSW office in NSW to verify your ID. This will be electronically transmitted to the Children’s Guardian who will issue you with a clearance number which you must provide to Active Locums Pty Ltd. Active Locums Pty Ltd will then verify your status on the Children’s Guardian website and will provide verification to any facility that you may apply to work in as part of your credentialing package. We have been advised there is a cost to be paid to ServiceNSW by the applicant which will cover clearance. Clearance will be valid for five years after which you will need to reapply. For further details please do not hesitate to contact us.

What policies should I be aware of when working for NSW Health?

PD2015_049 NSW Health Code of Conduct

PD2018_013 Workplace Health and Safety: Better Practice Procedures

PD2022_030 Occupational Assessment Screening and Vaccination against Specified Infectious Diseases

PD2019_003 Working with Children Checks and Other Police Checks

PD2019_027 Employment arrangements for Medical Officers in the NSW Health Service

PD2017_040 Recruitment and Selection of Staff to the NSW Health Service

PD2021_017 Service Check Register for NSW Health

PD2012_046 Remuneration Rates Payable to Non-Specialist Staff – Short Term/Casual (locum)

PD2022_003 Monitoring and Managing Health Practitioners’ Compliance with Conditions on Registration

PD2015_045 Conflicts of Interest and Gifts and Benefits

PD2009_057 Records Management Policy

PD2017_013 Infection Prevention and Control Policy

PD2017_010 HIV, Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C – Management of Health Care Workers Potentially Exposed

PD2020_018 Recognition and management of patients who are deteriorating

PD2018_032 Managing Complaints and Concern about Clinicians

PD2013_007 Child Wellbeing and Child Protection Policies and Procedures for NSW Health

PD2017_043 Violence Prevention and Management Training Framework for NSW Health Organisations

PD2020_047 Incident Management

Privacy Manual

GL2023_012 Fatigue Management in NSW Health Workplaces

What does it cost to register for locum work?

There is no charge associated with registering for locum work. Active Locums Pty Ltd provides a free service to all locum doctors which includes personalised service, attention to detail, daily lists of shifts available, assistance with invoicing and written confirmation of all shifts to be worked. Judith is a qualified careers adviser and provides free careers counselling to doctors who are uncertain about their clinical direction or conflicted about their choice in medicine.

How much work is available and where is it located?

Each day we update our vacancy list to reflect the latest requests. These shifts can be emailed at the end of each day and we also occasionally send SMS requests to your mobile phone. There are many shifts available for RMOs, registrars and consultants in metropolitan Sydney, rural NSW and other states. We have a separate list for GPs which can be emailed. We take a personalised approach and look for work which suits your skills and level of comfort. We do our best to match your skills to the positions available.

Is there a limit to how often / the amount of hospitals I can work at?

You are able to work at each Local Health District provided your credentialing qualifications and paperwork have been approved by their management team. It is possible to work for periods of up to 13 weeks in the one health facility, after which a compulsory break is required. You can then be issued with another temporary work contract for 13 weeks. It is important to take into consideration safe working hours guidelines as per policy directive GL2007_023 NSW Fatigue- Preventing and Managing Work Related Fatigue: Guidelines.

Is the available work consistent (will the hospital be interested in using me over and over again)?

When signing on as an Active Locums Pty Ltd doctor we undertake current reference and clinical skills credentialing. This is an ongoing process and we obtain regular performance appraisal feedback sheets each time you work from the employing facility. If a hospital is pleased with your work ethic and your clinical performance they are more likely to consider you to undertake more shifts for other available locum requests. The advantage to the hospital is that they are able to obtain a locum who is familiar with their protocols, procedures, and staff.

What areas (eg Country NSW) can I expect to work in?

Locum doctor work operates in a variety of country and metropolitan areas ranging from inner-city Sydney to country New South Wales.

How much will I be paid?

Hourly rates vary between hospital, position type and post-graduate year however remuneration may be anywhere from $80/hr to $200/hr for crisis shifts.

For VMO rates, please contact us.

How will I be paid?

Most public hospitals pay locums via payroll. This means that you are required to submit a time sheet in order to be paid electronically. Payment occurs fortnightly by direct deposit into your bank account. It is your responsibility to submit the time sheet to the nominated pay officer at the hospital you are working. Alternatively, you can fax or email your time sheet to Active Locums Pty Ltd and we will ensure it reaches pay office in order to be paid promptly.

Private hospitals usually pay via ABN. If you don’t already have one, you will need to apply for an Australian Business Number (ABN) https://abr.gov.au/ or speak with your accountant who can organise one for you. It is important to note that if you work through an ABN, you are responsible to provide your own cover for medical indemnity. There are many different indemnity companies who are able to offer locums affordable premiums for private CMO work. It is also advisable for all locums undertaking work through an ABN to take out income protection insurance.

Are travel and accommodation provided?

If you are working within the Sydney Metropolitan Area, travel and accommodation are rarely provided. If you are working in rural areas or NSW Health Employment categories 4 and 5, accommodation and return petrol reimbursement/ flights are generally provided by the health facility. Category 3 Hospitals generally provide accommodation however only certain facilities will reimburse return petrol expenses. If you miss, cancel or change your flights after the flight has been booked and confirmed, you could incur a re-issue fee to cover the cost of rebooking the flights. Please call our office for further details.

Do I need to come to the office?

We like to meet all doctors working through our agency as it is important for us to check your paperwork, including qualifications, working rights, AHPRA registration and identity. We can explain the procedures in order to apply for locum work and can answer any questions you may have. We have protocols in place so that we deal fairly and honestly with all locum doctors. If you can’t come to our office in Double Bay, we are happy to meet you at a mutually convenient place or online. We can be available on weekends if you cannot meet during standard business hours.

Do I need to have medical indemnity to work as a locum?

If you are working (employed) on the payroll of a NSW public hospital our understanding is that you will be covered through the Treasury Managed Fund (TMF). However, we strongly recommend that all doctors have independent cover to enable access to independent legal advice. All doctors working through Active Locums Pty Ltd acknowledge that they will indemnify Active Locums Pty Ltd and its directors, employees and representatives against any claim made against any of them relating to medical negligence, dishonesty or otherwise which may arise in connection with any engagement or employment accepted which is arranged by Active Locums Pty Ltd.

What references will be required?

Active Locums Pty Ltd will ask you for the names and contact details of three recent referees who will be able to vouch for your clinical competency. These are generally the consultants who have supervised you in your previous placements during the last 12 months. The referees you nominate should be able to comment on your clinical, diagnostic, procedural skills, work ethic, punctuality, reliability, communication skills with patients, families, nursing staff and colleagues, record keeping and ability to work within a multi-disciplinary team as well as your ability to adjust to a new working environment. Active Locums Pty Ltd can contact your referees by phone or email, alternatively you are welcome to provide them with a copy of our referee checking form which you can personally give them. Referees can then fax or email the form back to us, or contact us directly. Without three solid references it will be difficult to be credentialed as a locum.

Are prescriber and provider numbers necessary in order to undertake locum work?

All locums must have a prescriber number which is obtained at the beginning of their working locum life and can be obtained from Medicare. This number does not change and remains the same for the duration of their medical career. In regard to provider numbers, all GPs must have a provider number to bill to Medicare. If you are a hospital doctor, in many locations it is necessary for you to have a provider number for referring to consultants. Active Locums Pty Ltd can supply all the information and the forms required which need to be submitted to Medicare. Provider numbers have a basic stem and different alpha numeric on the end which change according to location. It is advisable not to put a closing date on the application so that you can return to the same location in the future.

Will I be locked into any agreement with shifts?

Once you become registered with Active Locums Pty Ltd you will then be free to apply for as many shifts as you are interested in (without breaking Managing Work Related Fatigue Guidelines). If you have been confirmed for shifts, it is assumed that you will honour these shifts. Occasionally through sickness or misadventure you may need to cancel a shift. This should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. Where it is possible to give advance warning of cancellation to Active Locums Pty Ltd we may be able to replace you with another locum so that the hospital/practice is not disadvantaged. It is important that you communicate with us at all times so that we can work together collaboratively in everyone’s best interests.

Will my information remain confidential?

All information communicated between you, Active Locums Pty Ltd, and your place of work will remain confidential. We have a privacy policy which we can supply to you and we also adhere to the Privacy Manual for Health Information. See the privacy-manual-for-health-information for more information.

We are required as part of our agreement with NSW Ministry of Health to collect information about you for the purpose of providing you with locum services. If you do not provide us with the information requested by us, we may not be able to provide you with the services you require of us.

We are required by NSW Ministry of Health and various other parties to disclose information about you to authorised representatives of NSW Health in connection with credentialing, Criminal Record and Working with Children Checking, work, payroll, health, OH&S, indemnity. In the event we consider it necessary to use or disclose information about you for purposes other than the above, or related purposes, we will seek your consent. Please read Privacy Policy for further details.

What do I do if an issue arises whilst I am working?

We ask all doctors who register with Active Locums Pty Ltd to sign a declaration that they will notify us if an issue arises through the course of their work privately, or through Active Locums Pty Ltd. This may be a clinical issue, health issue or event which may lead to a Medico-legal claim or a workers compensation claim. It could involve a pay dispute, miscommunication with staff, or any other issue which causes concern. If you have any personal problems which may compromise your registration with AHPRA or your health, your obligated to let Active Locums Pty Ltd  know. If you have any personal problems which may compromise your registration with AHPRA, your health or your ability to undertake work, you are obligated to advise Active Locums Pty Ltd as quickly as possible to avoid compromising yourself and the employer. We undertake to handle all disclosures with fairness, confidentiality and diplomacy