Because we have our “fingers on the pulse” we can procure reliable and experienced doctors. We carefully select, check references and credentials as well as suitability for work. We check and verify “Working with Children” checks and clearances for doctors working with NSW Ministry of Health. We attempt to provide you with the locum or assistant we feel best suits your work environment, whether it is a hospital, general practice or government department.

We stress particular importance on personality, punctuality, presentation, communication skills and specific clinical interest and expertise. Our standards are high and we feel you deserve value for money.

Where possible, we prefer to recommend doctors who have had at least 3 to 5 years post registration experience. However because of supply and demand constraints in emergencies or periods of peak demand such as in school holidays or public holidays, highly experienced doctors are not always available.

We therefore always encourage the executive to personally decide whether or not to accept a referred individual, as sometimes a doctor or junior status is preferable to having no doctor at all.
Our policy in selecting staff is that of equal opportunity- we would only refer doctors of good character who have satisfactory medical skills to cope with the level of responsibility and demonstrate a total commitment to each position undertaken.

We are very conscious of the burden of responsibility we carry in the selection of staff and always do our best to ensure that the doctors supplied will enhance the reputation of the workplace.


You as a GP are best trained to treat patients. You turn to a solicitor for legal advice and to an accountant for accountancy advice.

Why overburden your already busy schedule with advertising, phone calls and reference checks?

Our extensive contacts enable us to provide independent service at an affordable and competitive price.


Hospitals often need crisis shifts filled urgently. We have an after hours mobile number which is always accessible. We provide all levels of skill from RMOs, Registrars and CMOs to consultant level.

We cover most specialities including emergency, medical, surgical, anaesthetics, intensive care, cardiology, paediatrics, neonates, obstetrics and gynaecology, psychiatry, rehabilitation, radiology, occupational health, sports medicine and many more.